This go-go dancer has the ability to dance her way into any man’s heart, but can you believe that instead of showing off her moves in one of la’s hotspots, this sexy vixen would rather be at home playing video games instead?

LRG Gets A Lil Personal With Leanne Bell

LRG: What turns you on about a man?Leanne: A man’s personality can definitely turn me on. I mean looks are important too, but a man that can hold a conversation and makes me laugh is definitely a plus.

LRG: I agree, who wants a guy that looks good, but is so whack with conversation that he makes you fall asleep? (Laughing)Leanne: Exactly. (Smiling)

LRG: What turns you off completely?Leanne: I’m completely turned off when a man is all over me and calls too much. I also hate when a guy shows up to too many of my go-go gigs. I mean once in a while is nice, but too each and every one is gross!

LRG: Gross huh? (Laughing) You hear that fellas that’s not cute! Don’t be a stalker…anyway Leanne, what makes a woman sexy?Leanne: I find long hair and pretty eyes on a woman to be very sexy.

LRG: Ummmm, we asked you what you find sexy about other women, not about yourself (laughing)…just kidding…

LRG: So Miss, what was your first modeling gig?Leanne: Well, I was first published when I was 17 years old, and for me that was very exciting.

LRG: That’s cool, what’s you favorite ice cream flavor?Leanne: I love Thrifty brand ice cream! Especially Mint N’ Chip and Black Cherry. Mmmmmmmmm

LRG: Yes that thrifty ice cream is good and cheap! What do you consider to be your best asset?Leanne: From what people tell me, my eyes and my personality are my best assets.

LRG: Last but not least, do you consider yourself a party girl, or more laid back?Leanne: Well I consider myself more laid back then a party girl. But when it comes to partying I party hard. I’d rather play video games then go out to a club and hump on girls on the dance floor.

LRG: Thanks Leanne for your time and we better not see you at the club humping some female’s leg or anything.Leanne: (Laughing)