LRG Gets A Lil Personal With Miss Ashley

LRG: Have you ever had more than one orgasm at a time? If yes how often?
Ashley: Yes, that happened twice! It was so amazing (laughing).

LRG: What a surprise…not! (Laughing) Does sex relax you like exercise wakes you up, or what?
Ashley: Sex and exercise both relax me. It also clears up my mind. If I am single that means I am in the gym, instead of out all over town (laughing).

LRG: So, if there was leftover Chinese food in the fridge, would you share it, or eat it all after good sex?
Ashley: I would eat it all-I worked hard for it, I deserve it, and the guy shouldn’t be able to walk or fight me for it anyhow.

LRG: So, money or looks?
Ashley: Exactly right down the middle fifty-fifty.

LRG: Do you workout every day?
Ashley: No, but the photo shoot today was a workout-that guy was killing me, bend over, stick it out, open your mouth more…

LRG: What do you like about modeling?
Ashley: Ummm, let me see… all the fun people, fashion shows, and the attention is nice too?(smiling).

LRG: What is your type?
Ashley: I don’t have a type. Anybody has a shot if you can make me laugh and you are not a dumbass!

LRG: Good answer! What does it take to get “it”-boyfriend status will do.
Ashley: The more I like you the more I wait. If I give it away for free then it is worthless. Who wants worthless sex? Like, oh thanks, that was worthless?