LRG Gets a Lil’ Personal with Nikki B.

LRG: So Nikki, we see that you’ve appeared in a lot of music videos such as “Holiday Inn” by Chingy, featuring Ludacris and Snoop Dogg; “Can U Werk Wit Dat” by The Fixxers (AMG & DJ Quick) and “The Boss”- Rick Ross featuring T-Pain, which is one of our favorites by the way. So, since you obviously have experience being the The Boss’s leading lady, do you find yourself being the boss in the bedroom, or do you prefer a back seat ride?
Nikki: i love being the Boss when I’m working it, but I’m also a great employee…if you know what I mean….

LRG: Oh OK, like that huh? You play a lot of sexy roles in these music video, do you ever find yourself getting a little turned on?
Nikki: No. It’s all a lot of acting, lots of fun, but there are no hot and heavy moments going on for me. I can’t say what the artist are thinking; that’s something you would have to asked them, but like I said as for me, I keep it very professional. It’s just work and then I go home.

LRG: That’s cool, what are your future plans?
Nikki: Well, since I’m an actress, as well as a model, I hope I will come across a bigger roll in a movie, or even TV show, so I can stop playing just a “featured extra” even though it is a great learning experience; I just desire more. I love acting and really want to expand in my career. I love playing with different characters, and bringing them life. Also, I have a few great business ideas I hope to bring to life too. So, I have lots of work set for me in the near coming future.

LRG: That’s sounds like a solid plan… Since you are from New York and you visit Cali frequently, in your opinion what’s the difference between New York guys and Cali guys?
Nikki: That’s a great question that has become familiar to me over time, yet I have the same answer each time. It really doesn’t matter what side of the coast you are on. You’re going to have your great guys and then you are going to have your total jerks. I guess I just haven’t dated that many men yet to see the distinctive difference.

LRG: Would you marry an ugly guy who was rich or a sexy guy who was broke?
Nikki: I prefer a man I’m attracted too! I could care less what the next person thinks as far as looks or financial status. I don’t discriminate; I don’t have one type of man. The man just needs to have stability with a great personality, outgoing spirit, and be family orientated. So, rich or poor doesn’t make a difference. As long as we are happy and he is respectful towards me.

LRG: Can you cook? If so, what’s your favorite dish to prepare?
Nikki: That’s my secret weapon. I cook very well. I started cooking along side my great grandmother when I was about 9 years old. I was first taught to cook Puerto Rican dishes, yet I love cooking comfort foods. My all time favorite is baking treats!

LRG: Do you hear that fellas? A woman that is hot and knows her way around the kitchen…what more can you ask for! So, Nikki what would be your ideal date?
Nikki: Well, my ideal date is pretty simple actually. I love to have fun and I enjoy great conversation! So, anything that gives you an opportunity to bond and get to know more about your date is perfect. Maybe some miniature golf, or one of those mini amusement parks with the old school carnival games where you can play for those big stuff animal prizes that’s lots of fun, or even just chilling out and watching the sunset; that adds a romantic kick to the mix so that’s great too. Oh and dinner of course, what’s a date without dinner!

LRG: What can a guy do to impress you?
Nikki: Just be himself. Everything always falls into place when you’re genuine.

LRG: What turns you on and off?
Nikki: Intelligence, sense of humor, spontaneity, confidence, and a great smile turn me on! Bad hygiene, cocky attitude, and chewing food with your mouth open are all turn offs.

LRG: What’s your favorite body part on a guy and girl?
Nikki: Well, I love a man with a cute little booty for some strange reason, as well as nice strong arms. Not huge over the top body builder type arms just strong, I want to feel safe when he holds me. I don’t care for skinny boys, so if you’re a nice solid man I’m into it. As far as girls I don’t get down like that, but women are a sexy species anyway, so I will give compliments all day, but I’m not attracted to them in sexual matter.

LRG: What do you do for fun?
Nikki: Everything! I’m like a big kid at times, so I’m very adventurous and find excitement in dangerous things!

LRG: Are you attracted to a low-key guy or the guy all up in the scene?
Nikki: I’m attracted to the man who sits in the back of the “scene” the low-key mystery man, the one that people think they know all about, but really have no clue. That gets me every time.