Measurements: 34-26-38I Have A Shoe and Lip Fetish. Sexy Lips Turn Me On! And Shoes say a lot about a person and their up keep!

LRG Get A Lil Personal With Karissa TaylorLRG: So, Karissa where are you from?Karissa: I’m from Woodland Hills, Calif.

LRG: Since we know that your definitely stacking, what’s your favorite body part?Karissa: My favorite body part on me would be my legs! I think they are perfect and well proportioned!

LRG: OK we agree with you there… what would you say is your favorite body part on a man?Karissa: My favorite body part on a man would be a sexy chest and a beautiful smile.

LRG: What is your favorite Lowrider?Karissa: Ummmm I would say a ’64 Impala.

LRG: Niceeee…what would be its ideal color and what would you name it?Karissa: The color would be a hot pink and violent, and I would name it KHOLLYWOOD.

LRG: (Laughing) Sounds beautiful… so Karissa where do you see yourself in 5 years?Karissa: Well, I already own and operate a few businesses, so I see my businesses flourishing. I’m a hard worker so becoming a very successful well-grounded businesswoman in the next 5 years.

LRG: That sounds like a solid plan. Good luck with that…so lets see are you a bad girl…do you own any adult videos?Karissa: I use to own adult videos until I became a mother. I didn’t want my son putting in the wrong DVD (laughing). So, I gave them away! But, I had a great collection I must say so myself.

LRG: Have you ever had a one-night stand?Karissa: I never had a one-night stand, but I had a second nightstand once (laughing). Meaning the first night I met him it didn’t happen, but the second night we went on a date it happened! And it lasted years!

LRG: If you could sleep with one woman who would it be and why?Karissa: Hands down Scarlet Johansson, because she’s a Classic Beauty.

LRG: What’s the biggest misconception about you?Karissa: Well people think I’m a pushover and that my life is perfect. I had to sacrifice, fight, and struggle to get to where I am today! It was never handed to me on a silver platter! And I’m Thankful for the Struggle It Keeps Me Grounded!

LRG: What type of underwear do you prefer?Karissa: I prefer G-strings.

LRG: Finish this line… If he doesn’t have a lot of money, than he better…Karissa: Have a plan, self-motivation, confidence, and be working towards his goals. No sitting around waiting for things to happen. He has to have some hustle in him.

LRG: What are your fetishes?Karissa: I Have A Shoe and Lip Fetish. Sexy Lips Turn Me On! And Shoes say a lot about a person and their up keep!

LRG: What are you turn offs?Karissa: A Deadbeat Daddy, and a show off who cares about what you have and who you are and who you know! That’s the biggest turn off ever.

LRG: You hear that guys! In order to step to Karissa you better have your game tight, as well as some clean shoes!