Jessica – Lowrider Girl

A New Blonde Bombshell

This sexy Lowrider Girl’s ideal car would be a pink convertible Chevy Impala…can anyone out there make this dream come true? I’m pretty sure she would love to go for a ride!

Jessica Gets A Lil Personal With LRG

LRG: So, Jessica you seem like the innocent type. So, tell us, do you consider yourself to be a party girl, or more laid back?Jess: Sometimes a lil’ bit of both, but mostly laid back.

LRG: For all those men out there, tell them what turns you on.Jess: Ooh… la la… a six-pack (smiling), and also a sweet smile.

LRG: There is nothing wrong with a man that’s in shape, I definitely agree with you there. What do you find sexy about women?Jess: Curves, lots of curves!

LRG: What can a man do that can completely turn you off? Jess: I hate guys that lie and are totally disrespectful.

LRG: I hear that! That’s the absolute worst! Tell me what is the worst date you’ve ever been on?Jess: Ummm, let me think… He couldn’t pay for the bill!

LRG: Oh hell no! That is a mess that is the ultimate irritation! Lets move on to something less upsetting (laughing) what type of music can get you in the mood?Jess: I love R&B; to me it is so sexy, that turns me on in no time (laughing).

LRG: What makes you stand out from the rest?Jess: I think it’s my kind heart (smiling).

LRG: Awwwwe, that is so cute… (Laughing)

LRG: What is your best physical feature?Jess: My booty, baby!!!

LRG: How long would it take for you to give it up?Jess: Hmmmm… I’m hard to get, but well worth the wait.

LRG: You hear that fellas; “Well worth the wait!” Sounds good (smiling). So, for all of our Lowrider fans, describe your ideal Lowrider?Jess: Ummm, I would say a pink convertible Chevy Impala.

LRG: Wow that sounds hot! What would you name it?Jess: Boo Boo.

LRG: Boo Boo?Jess: Yes, Boo Boo.

LRG: Awe Boo Boo we love you, you’re so cute.