Marytierra Ramirez is not your average homegirl next door. Any aspiring male had better bring his “A game” if he wants to get to first base with this lovely Latina.

Would you date a heavy guy if he can fight?I have to be honest, heavy guys seem to have no responsibility into trying to keep themselves healthy. I would rather be with a guy who can be physically fit and able to fight.

Do you finish eating before a guy on a date?Absolutely, I love to eat a lot!

Do you tell a guy to keep going if he hasn’t satisfied you yet?Well, of course! But I’m sure that I’ll be very satisfied with whatever guy I choose to be with. I haven’t made any wrong choices yet; hopefully, never.

Do you like morning kisses with bad breath even?A little peck is fine, but not a “French kiss.”

If a car is sexy would you have sex in it more often than in an ugly car?Oh yes! I haven’t had sex in an ugly car, though.

Have you ever watched porn alone?Actually, I find it more exciting to watch it alone.

How many times a day do you wash your hands?Seven to 10 times a day and I like to use hand sanitizer all the time too!

Would you let a guy smack you in the “moment”? Butt cheeks, of course; it really turns me on.