Meet one sexy Filipina who goes by the name of “Cat.” If you like sexy yet brainy girls, then Cat is “purrfect” for you, but, guys, you better measure up. Read on to see if you have what it takes to keep this Cat content.

Cat, huh? It sounds kinda sexy. Is that your real name?Cat is a nickname, and the name that everyone usually calls me, but my real name is Catherine.

Okay, yeah, we like Cat better (smiling). So, Cat, do you consider yourself attracted to women? If so, would you ever get down with one? Well, I do find women attractive. I can’t help it. Women are the more beautiful of the species, hands down. I think that I would kiss a girl, but I don’t know if I would go any further. I like dudes!

Great, so since we established that, what type of guys do you like and which ones do you end up attracting? I tend to like guys with a good sense of style and humor. I like ’em smart and tall, someone who could protect me and throw down if need be, but I tend to attract the opposite (laughing).

What turns you off about men?I can’t stand stupidity and ignorance.

Have you ever been caught having sex or doing anything nasty? Yep, by a cop in Newport Beach; not the best place to hook up in a car. They definitely have sticks up their asses!

What makes you sexy? It’s the fact that I have a rockin’ bod, but like to use my brain to seduce as well.

What do you like to wear to bed?Boy shorts and ummmmmm… that’s about it.

Dayum, Cat, dayum!