Your Hot And Sexy Dream Girl Next Door.So when did modeling become an interest of yours?Well, I began modeling when I was younger in the theater. I played Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz” and from there I went on numerous castings. So I guess that was when I got my first break.

That sounds cool. We’re pretty sure that you were a really cute Dorothy. Would you happen to still have that outfit? (wink, wink) Just kidding. So tell us what do you enjoy doing?Well, ever since I started go-go dancing as owner of the “Vixens” with my partner, I started sewing a lot. My mom owns her own clothing line so now I own one as well. It’s called OnlyNowExist. When I’m not designing, I love the outdoors.

Damn, girl, you got it all. Will you marry me? Okay, I was half serious. Anyway, what’s your favorite drink at the club? Maybe after a few rounds you might think about marrying me.Well, I would rather have a shot than a cocktail, so in that case I would prefer tequila please, but on occasion I’ll have a martini extra dirty or maybe a Corona.

Do you buy your own drinks or would you rather a guy pay for them?It definitely depends on who wants to buy me the drink. I’m not the type to lead anyone on.

Well, that’s nice to know. Do you consider yourself to be a party girl?Not at all! I partied a lot in the past, but I consider my job one big party. So when I’m not at work, I’d rather cuddle than go out. So actually I love my downtime.

What’s one thing that a guy can do to turn you off?Not look into my eyes while I’m talking to him. That’s a really big thing for me. That tells me whether or not he’s paying attention.

Jamie, you look like a very innocent girl, so tell us have you ever been arrested before?On stage yes, but never in real life, but I do own a pair of handcuffs, though.