Where’s the best place to have sex in a lowrider?Backseat, windows up, that’s the way I like to f#%&.

So, Miss Peaches, what’s been the craziest thing that you have done when you were drunk?Ummm, I had sex somewhere where I shouldn’t have.

Wow, I hate when that happens (laughing). So since we know that you like to party, what’s your favorite drink?L.A. water! Now that’s the bomb!

Oooooooo L.A. waters are very dangerous, especially if you have one too many. So along with that, what’s been the most embarrassing thing that has happened during a shoot?Nothing so far. Thank God!

What’s your favorite place to be kissed?I love to be kissed on my neck and my back. It just makes me feel soooo good.

If you had a lowrider what would you name it?Pinkadoo.

That’s an interesting name but very cool (laughing). So, Peaches, what makes you feel sexy?I love receiving attention, plus my clothes and the way that I act make me chica!