Lowrider Girls takes a little time to get to know the new vixen on the block.

LRG: So V, we hear that this is your first time modeling, how do you think it went?Veronica: It was cool! I’ve always loved being in front of the camera so I figured why not try it.

LRG: Since you have stepped over into the modeling industry what are two things about the industry that worry you?Veronica: Well, I’m not really worried. I feel that as long as I have my head on straight and I know what I want I should be fine.

LRG: Good answer! So enough with this talk, lets get a little bit more interesting. How do you feel about doing some girl-on-girl action during a shoot? Does is sound exciting or not your style?Veronica: Umm…during a shoot anything relating to modeling or acting I’m totally for it. After all, it’s not totally for real.

LRG: [Laughing] OK that answer is safe if you’re trying to play it safe. So what type of woman do you find sexy?Veronica: I think the sexiest woman is Jessica Alba! She’s absolutely flawless. An attractive woman to me is someone with a great body, beautiful face and 100 percent natural body because nowadays some women are not!

LRG: That’s true but sometimes the fake stuff is necessary! It enhances beauty on some but on others it could be all bad [laughing]. Well, if you could do one thing that is beyond your usual what would it be?Veronica: Maybe a threesome [laughing]. It seems like it would be fun!

LRG: On that note we love you already.