No man could walk by her and not look twice!

Ok we admit it, she got us! Who could resist a woman who has light eyes and dark hair? Seriously, how sexy is that! We don’t think any man could walk by her and not look twice so we felt that it was only right for Miss Seanna to be in this issue of Lowrider Girls.

She is a 22-year-old SoCal girl who has been modeling for five years and says she enjoys it more than anything in the world. This vixen has been featured in Maxim En Espaol, Modified, Super Street and other magazines as well as clothing company catalogs like Affliction and Skin. She also attends school where she is studying to get her bachelors degree in criminal justice. So we think it’s safe to say that she has both beauty and brains!

LRG: What type of men do you find yourself going for?
Seanna: I like guys with confidence, a good sense of humor and someone who I can actually hold a conversation with…and nice smiles don’t hurt!

LRG: Yes a nice smile is key. We can’t be having any snaggle tooths around here [laughing]. Besides modeling, what do you do in your free time?
Seanna: [Laughing] Well, I like to hang out with friends, shop, go to the beach and relax.

LRG: Seanna, you know that every girl can’t live without that one particular item. Tell us a few things that you can’t live without?
Seanna: Well, I can’t live without my blackberry, high heels and fake eyelashes [laughing]. And of course my car.

LRG: Before we let you go tell us this: What are your favorite body parts?
Seanna: Definitely my eyes, boobs and legs.