Definition of a True Bad Girl: A girl who doesn’t give a f**k. She does whatever she wants to do at any given time or place.

LRG: So Krystal, what is your definition of a sexy woman?Krystal: Umm…when a girl is physically HOT but is very funny. I like pretty girls who have an awesome personality to go with their looks. A warm-hearted hot chick is the best!

LRG: OK that makes sense-a HOT girl with a down-to-earth personality is always sexy. So tell us, what do you think is the sexiest thing about yourself?Krystal: Not everyone knows this but I can sing. I’ve been told that a woman with a voice is the “ultimate sexy.”

LRG: Yeah we can see that, especially if she has the ability to use those pipes in the bedroom [laughing]. Sorry I had to go there with that one! Tell us this: If you and only one other person were on a deserted island and you knew that you wouldn’t be rescued for six months, would you rather be on that island with a man or a woman?Krystal: Good question. I’d probably rather be with a woman only because we can relate to more things, plus I wouldn’t end up pregnant [laughing].

LRG: Krystal, we know that you are always involved in numerous shoots. Have you ever been turned on during a shoot?Krystal: Hell yeah! I was watching one of the other models change and I got a little hot and bothered.

LRG: Really? In that case, who are two girls that you find sexy within the “industry.”Krystal: Sasha Singleton and Angelica Carrera.

LRG: OK we can definitely feel you on that one! Before we let you go, one more question. What has been the freakiest thing that you’ve ever done?Krystal: Tossing salad! Not the one on the dinner table either [smiling].

LRG: Krystal, you are definitely a true bad girl but we love it!

Appearances: Maxim Espaol (Sept. ’07), Lowrider Girls (Feb. ’08), Hot Import Nights Model and SEMA Show model.