Introducing Miss Gaby – Lowrider Girls Model

A Classic Lowrider Beauty

MUA: Kim Bui

Clothing Provided By Chynna Dolls

LRG: What is your ultimate goal in regards to modeling?

Gaby: To be featured in Playboy! That’s the goal that I’m trying to achieve.

LRG: What is you favorite car to drive or one that you admire?

Gaby: Well, I Iove the `53 Chevy that we are using in my shoot today, so I would probably go with that car. It’s sexy as well as classy.

LRG: Are you going to school or relying on your “cuteness” to get you by?

Gaby: [Laughing] I am going to school for Criminal Psyche. I took up that major so that I can have a better understanding of the guys I date.

LRG: How much Latina are you?

Gaby: I’m Honduran, I get it from my mama.

LRG: Do you have a classic Latina temper?

Gaby: I sure do. It runs in my family [smiling].

LRG: What type of music do you like to cruise to?

Gaby: I would say oldies and underground rap.

LRG: What are your eating habits? Are they different when you’re out on a date?

Gaby: I eat like a pig at all times, in any situation.

LRG: How old were you when you started dating?

Gaby: Umm … does puppy love count?

LRG: What did you do in high school and who did you hang out with?

Gaby: Well I’m only 19 so naturally I hung with the wild ones, and still do now!

LRG: Wow you’re young and wild, sounds like the perfect 19-year-old for us!