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Lowrider Girls Gets Personal With Sexy Elle Navarro
LRG: What is your guilty pleasure?
Elle: Chocolate all the way [smiling].

LRG: When you really like a guy, how do you try to get his attention?
Elle: I’m really shy, so I would have one of my friends break the ice. I get a little nervous doing that sort of thing.

LRG: What is your goal, as far as modeling goes?
Elle: I want to continue with what I’m doing, like shooting for magazines, and becoming the type of model upcoming girls look up to.

LRG: What do you think is your best feature?
Elle: My heart, even though it’s not visible, and my booty doesn’t hurt either! [Laughing]

LRG: Where is your weak spot?
Elle: My lower back right above my butt crack [smiling].

LRG: Tell us one of your dirty little secrets?
Elle: I kissed a girl, and I liked it! [Laughing]

LRG: What puts you in the mood?
Elle: A sensual kiss and a little rub on the back. That usually gets me going.

LRG: What is your pet peeve?
Elle: I guess I would have to say cockiness. I love a humble person.

LRG: What is your trademark?
Elle: Everyone seems to remember me as the girl with “da ass,” which I really don’t mind.