C.C. Fontana is a Long Island, New York, native who’s been causing major buzz in the entertainment industry. We all might recognize this sexy model/actress from the hit television show The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, where she was selected to become one of Janice’s first Latin models within her agency. For C.C., that accomplishment was definitely a dream come true, because she had the opportunity to represent the Latin culture to the fullest.

Not only that, C.C. has many projects in the works. She is scheduled to release her debut album, as well as star in a movie that depicts the true life of America’s first supermodel, Janice Dickinson. With all of these great accomplishments under her belt, we knew that this Veneuelan/Italian exotic beauty had to grace the cover of Lowrider Magazine.

Lowrider Magazine Talks With C.C. Fontana “I like to drive a stick, because I feel like I have all the control.”

LRM: C.C., you’ve been modeling for quite some time now. What sparked your interest in wanting to be in Lowrider Magazine?

C.C.: Well, I’ve always liked lowrider cars since I was very young. To me, this magazine is the best out there and shows off the best lowriders.

LRG: That’s great! So tell us, if you had the opportunity to design your own lowrider what color would it be? And what would you name it?

C.C.: If I had the opportunity to create my own lowrider, it would have a white interior with candy apple red piping on the seats. I would name it “Big Red.”

LRM: That sounds hot! In your opinion what’s the sexiest part of a lowrider?

C.C.: I must say, I like the hydraulics. I like that feeling of going up and down.

LRM: Since you think that the hydraulics is the sexiest part of a lowrider, tell us what’s your sexiest asset or assets?

C.C.: I must say my lips and my curves.

LRM: We definitely agree with you on that one! So what do you find attractive about men as well as women?

C.C.: I love a man who can fix his own car; that’s so sexy to me, and as for women, being confident and not hating on other women to me is very sexy.

LRM: That’s cool… last, but not least, do you like to drive a stick or automatic?

C.C.: I like to drive a stick, because I feel like I have all the control.