From fusion food to mixed drinks, it seems as if nothing nowadays is good straight up. Long gone are the days of Tequila and Vodka straight up because today there are Margaritas, Screwdrivers and of course the ever-so-popular Red Bull and Vodka combination. The mix adds character and spunk to something plain and dry and when it comes to women things are no different.

Monique is a perfect example of this and the 23-year-old Arizona resident knows how to get things cookin’. She’s half Vietnamese and half Mulatto, and this mix has created a strikingly beautiful woman who drops jaws, gets attention and makes grown men cry when they find out they can’t have her. Surprisingly enough, Monique admits that she’s very shy. She says that her ability to change facades allows her to play the part but at home or when she’s not modeling, she’s just a chill cat who likes to lay low.

Monique’s got great character and an awesome body, but beyond all that is a killer smile backed by a personality that’s both attractive and addicting. She knows what she’s got and she doesn’t take it for granted. “I don’t take life for granted because there is no telling how long I’m going to be here,” says Monique. “That’s why I decided to pursue modeling, it’s been a lifelong dream for me and I’m finally taking the steps to do it.”

LRG: So Miss Monique, women are very attractive, but tell us what do you find sexy about a woman?Monique: Legs are very very sexy on a woman. I have a crush on Vida Guerra’s assets.

LRG: A crush [laughing]. We’ve never heard anyone say it like that before. So would you ever have a threesome?Monique: I’ve never had a threesome but I would consider it with a yummy couple…who’s Vin Diesel with?

LRG: You freak you!!! We’ll find out for you and will definitely let you know. So, do you like it hard or soft?Monique: Thanks girl! Well, oh…definitely hard…very hard.

LRG: Well all-righty then! If that’s the way you like it [smiling]. So on that note, what’s your favorite position?Monique:My favorite position is…well, I’m a bit dominate and a bit submissive…depends on how things start. But I would say from the back end of things or me on the top of everything is excellent.

LRG: You hear that fellas!!! She’s letting you guys know…so what is your fantasy?Monique: Don’t get me wrong, I love men…but just once I would like to at least makeout with a gorgeous girl…lip gloss to lip gloss [laughing].

LRG: Wow [smiling]. Thanks Monique for keeping it real and good luck with everything.Monique: Thanks girl and God bless.