Nilanti is hands-down drop-dead gorgeous. Her exotic beauty has given her the opportunity to prevail over many models in today’s industry. Born in L.A, she’s had the opportunity to experience the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Her parents are from the beautiful islands of Fiji, where she visits often when she’s not busy pursuing her modeling, acting and singing career.

Nilanti began modeling when she was 16, but her biggest passion has always been singing. She started pursuing that aspect of her career when she was 18. She’s currently recording and has just signed a new management deal. Nilanti’s also appeared in many magazines and her acting career is taking off now more than ever. This exotic beauty obviously has it going on and she’s not afraid to admit it; 2007 is most certainly Nilanti’s year so keep your eyes and ears open!

Getting Personal with NilantiLRG: Nilanti, you seem like a wild and crazy girl to hang out with. What’s been one of the craziest things that you’ve ever done?Nilanti: I can get crazy sometimes, but one of the craziest things that I ever did was when I went topless while swimming in the ocean in Fiji. I’m usually very private when it comes to being nude and am very serious about my own personal limits. But, I felt so at home when I went back and there was barely anyone there. It was me, the beautiful ocean, and the blue sky, and a couple of people (laughing).

LRG: But you’re just so private… uh huh, sure you are. We know that the people loved the view that you gave them (laughing). Since we caught our male readers’ attention, what turns you off about a guy?Nilanti: Bad personal hygiene and cheap people! Both are very disgusting! I need a man who smells good, showers, and has money in his pocket. I mean, don’t get me wrong; I have my own funds and have a huge heart, so why would I settle for a little cheapy man?

LRG: I heard that! Being cheap is not attractive! Stop it! Now that we got that off our chest, what part of the female body do you think is the sexiest?Nilanti: In my opinion, I think the sexiest part of the female body is the eyes. The eyes of a woman can captivate and intrigue more than any other body part. Eyes can allure and become an obsessive trait for the opposite sex.

LRG: We love that answer. That was really deep, but I said body part, sweetie (laughing). It’s okay, we understand what you mean.