Nicely proportioned with a stunning face, Miss Kea has it all. With her long curly black hair, great eyes, beautiful smile, and toned and curvaceous body, Miss Kea is definitely creating a buzz in Hollywood. This lil’ mama is showing us what she’s got, and trust us, she’s not afraid to flaunt it!

Born in the “Yay Area” (Bay Area), Miss Kea down moved to Los Angeles in order to pursue her modeling career. Along with booking gigs all over, Kea’s currently in school and is pursuing a degree in entertainment PR. Brains and beauty, what more can anybody ask for? Check out more of Miss Kea at

LRG: Miss Kea, how old are you?Miss Kea: I’m 21.

LRG: Are you sure you’re 21? You look a little young, but if you say so, we believe you… Let’s see some ID?Miss Kea: Noooo, I really am 21. I just have a baby face (smiling).

LRG: Okay, Kea, whatever you say. So what do you like to do for fun?Miss Kea: I absolutely love to party and meet people. You can say that I’m a people person, but I can also be a homebody. I’m able to have a Blockbuster night and chill, you know?

LRG: That’s cool. It’s nice to see that you can go out and be crazy, but at the same time be well-grounded and like to relax. That’s a good balance. Moving on, do you date a lot?Miss Kea: I’m in a relationship… well, no, actually I’m single.

LRG: Girl, which one is it? Are you involved or are you single?Miss Kea: Well, after this interview, I’m going to be single.

LRG: (Laughing) Okay, we got you! Now that makes sense. What do you find sexy about a woman?Miss Kea: A woman who’s classy I find sexy. A woman who knows how to be elegant, but at the same time has sex appeal about herself.

LRG: A lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets, to put it in more simpler terms.Miss Kea: Basically!

LRG: What’s the sexiest part of a woman’s body?Miss Kea: Breasts! (smiling). A woman is able to be flirtatious with them without doing too much.

LRG: So you’re a breast girl!Miss Kea: Whatever!

LRG: Okay, Miss Kea, thanks for talking with us and we wish you much success.Miss Kea: No, thank you for giving me the opportunity!