Elena Diaz is the adored TV host of the Que Buena television show. The El Salvadoran bombshell not only hosts a television show, but is a college student and aspiring actress as well. She’s appeared in several music videos for artists such as Chris Brown, Korn, Good Charlotte, DMX and others.

Growing up, school always played an important role in Elena’s life. When she graduated from high school at the age of 16, Elena enrolled into the physical therapist assistant program at Long Beach Career College. After she completed the program at LBCC, she began to work in the medical field as a physical therapist assistant. Elena loved helping others feel better and stronger. But after three years of being in the medical field, she decided to go back to school and work on getting a degree in Business Management.

Elena’s true devotion and passion for the arts of acting and modeling will never go away. Even though she maintains a balanced life doing all of the things that she loves to do in the entertainment field, school is her main priority. But don’t get it confused, Elena loves going out and hanging with friends. Elena tells friends that she’s thankful to have people in her life who support her every day in following her dream and she’s also proud to be a Lowrider Girl. To learn more about this beauty you can visit her site at www.elenadiaz.com.

LRG: Where were you born?Elena: I was born in El Salvador but I now live in Newport Beach.

LRG: That’s cool, what made you decide to go into modeling?Elena: Well, I love being in front of the camera. I think that I found my true talent there.

LRG: Now you know that you have guys wondering what type of skills you have since you like to be in front of the camera…Elena: Noooo (smiling). I have a television show called Que Buena. I speak in front of the camera as a host.

LRG: You hear that, fellas? So get your minds out the gutter. So, Elena, what type of guys do you like?Elena: I like party guys! I love to have fun. But at the same time my guy must have a balance and can take care of his responsibilities.

LRG: We agree, you have to have some type of balance in your life in order to make it happen. What do you find sexy about a man?Elena: I love a man who’s dominant and confident. That’s a big turn-on for me!

LRG: Well, Elena, thanks for talking to us, and good luck with everything.Elena: No, thank you. I loved being a Lowrider Girl for the day.