There’s more than just one reason to be a fan of Angelica Carrera. Yes, there’s her obvious sex appeal, outgoing personality, and her many talents, such as dancing and singing, but let’s keep it real here, fellas. We just can’t get over this girl’s beautiful assets in every form of the word. This Mexican, Puerto Rican and Hawaiian blend definitely has the ability to make men stop and say hmm or should we say yum!

Angelica’s sexy, yet she has the ability to push the envelope by experimenting with all of her many talents. Angelica has an extensive background in dance such as tap, jazz, lyrical and Afro-Cuban. She danced professionally for two years with the Golden State Warriors basketball team right out of high school from 2004-2006. While being a dancer for the Warriors, she had the opportunity to dance at every home game in front of thousands of adoring, screaming fans.

Not only that, but Angelica can also get down and dirty. She loves cars and sports so she can definitely hang with the fellas. She doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty which is always a plus. A girl who’s sexy, who loves to play sports and love cars. Wow! What more can you ask for! If you want to see more of Angelica visit her Myspace page at

LRG: So Angelica, have you ever experimented with food in bed?Angelica: Is ice considered a food? I’m not too big on food being mixed in the bedroom games. Things tend to get messy. I’ll go as far as ice, a mint, and flavored or editable body oils or dust. Let’s just say that I can stick a whole Popsicle in my mouth.

LRG: Since we played with a little bit of honey today, would you prefer someone to pour the honey on you to lick it off or would you rather lick it off someone else?Angelica: Oh don’t get it twisted. I love to be babied first, but on the other hand depending on how good you baby me, I will return the favor 10 times better.

LRG: Girl, you are the queen of freak-a-leaks. We knew that you know how to work that tongue ring. Well, tell us this, are you experimental?Angelica: I’m a tri-sexual. I’ll try anything once! You can’t knock it until you try it. Experimental is my middle name. Angelica Experimental Carrera. That’s a joke (laughing).

LRG: You are a hot mess. So have you ever had a threesome? Since they call you Angelica Experimental Carrera?Angelica: That’s for me to know and for all of you to keep wondering about. But keep in mind that I’m a tri-sexual.