With the exception of some illicit drugs, there’s probably nothing in the world that’s good in just its pure and plain form. Everything needs a perfect counterpart, and just like platinum is nothing without a diamond to top it off, and love is useless without trust, the same holds true for women. Having a mixture of races makes for an ultra-beautiful woman, and while we’ve seen our fair share of ugly ducklings and bad mixes, this certainly isn’t the case for Melyssa Grace.

Melyssa is the quintessential example of a bombshell, and her look is both sultry and enticing. She’s of Filipino and German descent, and at 5’9″ she’ll make most men drop to their knees and roll over to play dead. She’s the girl who will have you breaking all of the rules, and the one to have you pulling out your hair and going sleepless at night. And although she’s got a flair that’s unmatched, and a class that’ll have men wanting to wife her and bring her home to mommy, she’s got a lot more than just the superficial values that men always look at.

Behind it all, Melyssa’ smart and charming. She’s got a brain that backs up the beauty, and we’re not just saying that. She’s fluent in Spanish and is already working on her business degree with plans to one day open up her own sushi restaurant. It’ll only be a matter of time before you see this Filipina princess running ship and making big moves. And gentlemen, if that wasn’t enough to sell you, she’s also got a passion for fast cars and so much love for fast bikes that she even has her own Ninja. Ouch. I think I’m in love. To see more of Melyssa please feel free to visit her at www.melyssagrace.com.