We’ve heard rumors that Latinas can be the spiciest and feistiest group of females in the world. Well, after meeting Paulina Garces, this proves to be true! Not only is she spicier than a bottle of Tapatio, she’s well spoken, aggressive, and seems to know what she wants. When we approached Ms. Garces to shoot, she was thrilled. She was so thrilled, in fact, that she turned down a hosting gig to shoot with us. Why, we at Lowrider Girls are so flattered we’re blushing.

The moment Paulina walked into our studio, we knew that it was going to be a fun shoot, especially when she mentioned that she’s considering purchasing a Nintendo Wii console because the controller vibrates when you play. Yeah, that’s pretty hot, a girl who plays games. You can’t ask for anything better than that!

LRG: Paulina, you have a smokin’ body. What do you do to stay so hot?Paulina: I’ve been working out for almost 12 years, so you do the math. I do spinning three or four times a week and ab work. At this point, I kind of got lazy with weights. Dieting is a big part too.

LRG: Do you like men who have great physiques or don’t you care?Paulina: Of course, there has to be some chemistry and who does not like nice and sexy, but it’s very subjective. I personally get very turned on by the most important muscle… the brain!

LRG: You’ve been a host on Telemundo, appeared on Estudio 2, and have made appearances in a dozen other gigs in the Latin community. Will you be focusing more on hosting or acting jobs?Paulina: I enjoy hosting a lot. I have a bachelor’s degree in communication, which gave me the tools and ability to understand the ins and outs of TV and the whole production setup, but film has always been my passion, and my biggest dream is to work with directors like Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu or Richard Linklater. I truly believe that film is a powerful tool of transformation.

LRG: You’re a really feisty kitten, Paulina. You must be full Latina. What are you?Paulina: I’m 119 percent Latina, born in the beautiful city of Medellin, Colombia.

LRG: Can you say something sexy in Spanish for us?Paulina: Todo en Espanol es sexy!

LRG: What makes Latinas so sexy?Paulina: Our essence… Latina women are about passion; to love, to nurture and to fight if necessary, so know that when you go for a Latina you’re going for the full package.

LRG: You mentioned earlier during the shoot that Colombians are sexual people. What do you mean by that?Paulina: Colombians and Latin people in general are very sexual and sensual people. There’s this internal rhythm that connects our bodies to the basic and sex as you know is a basic instinct!

LRG: Are you sexual? How sexual?Paulina: Yes, but only at the right moment, with the right person and preferably at the wrong place!

LRG: OK, when you’re not working and you’re running around doing errands, bra or no bra?Paulina: Bra. I can’t let the gravity take over.

LRG: Thong, G-string or nothing at all?Paulina: As we say in spanish, la occasion hace al ladron, so it all depends on the mood and the occasion.

LRG: Besides being super hot, you’re extremely smart and well rounded! What do you do besides modeling, acting, and hosting?Paulina: I have a bachelor’s degree in communication, so going to school and getting education was always part of my plan. I happen to be working for an attorney right now, something foreign to me at first that has become quite resourceful and interesting. You need to know the rules before you break them!!

LRG: If you weren’t acting and hosting, what would you be doing?Paulina: I would definitely be a social worker. I have done some in the past with kids in Miami and was part of a beautiful organization in Colombia called “Pocalanas” that provided food and housing for homeless people. It is part of my future plans as well. After receiving so much from life it only makes sense to give back to those in need.

LRG: Do you have a website or a place where our fans can check you out?Paulina: Yes, I have a website where people can check out my latest videos and pictures. It is www.paulinagarces.com.

LRG: Thanks Paulina, it was a blast working with you! We wish you the best!Paulina: It was a pleasure! I just want to send a big kiss to everyone and thank all of them for their support and let them know that there is a big star within all of us!