When it comes to women and nightlife, there’s a certain fusion of energy and bravado that seems to bring out the best in them. It’s a time when the ordinary Jane goes exotic, and a time for women to let it all hang out… well, almost. Each night, we all fall victim to the striking allure of these hot women prancing up in the club, and since most of us are too embarrassed to take a picture of them, or with them, we’ve decided to introduce this section which highlights the hottest chicks in the club.

So when we decided to get things crackin’, there was no better source to turn to than Mr. JoJo “Mojo” Santos. He’s got an endless list of women and foot-soldiers to make any club pop, so we asked if we could shadow him for a night and here are just a few snaps of what we came back with. JoJo’s the man with the magic touch and to see more of his events (or his women) you can visit him at www.xo2inc.com.