Lowrider Girls wants to give you the opportunity to know our models. There’s a lot more to these divas than just a pretty face. Here we talk to Vanessa.

LRG: Where are you from?Vanessa: I was born in Idaho but grew up in Iowa.

LRG: What are some of your biggest accomplishments?Vanessa: Getting to work with amazing photographers, moving out to California and doing pretty well for myself.

LRG: What do you do for fun?Vanessa: Go to movies, model, surf the web and dance.

LRG: Do you have any special talents?Vanessa: I’m very good at finding out information and playing detective.

LRG: If you gave yourself a nickname, what would it be and why?Vanessa: “Butterfly” because I’m all over the place and I’m free spirited.

LRG: What’s your definition of sexy?Vanessa: Sexy is showing confidence and feeling good about yourself, inside and out. Being sexy means that you’re able to showcase all of the nerdy quirky traits about yourself, be able to laugh at yourself and never take yourself too seriously. My motto is live, laugh, love and smile every chance that you get!

LRG: If you can make your own candy bar that describes you, what would it be called and why?Vanessa: Caramel Delight, because I’m one fun and sexy Latina!

LRG: What’s the funniest thing that ever happened to you during sex?Vanessa: His mom walked in and started folding his clothes.

LRG: What’s your best asset?Vanessa: I’ve fallen in love with my boobies. They’re real and they’re fabulous.

LRG: What are your measurements?Vanessa: 34C-25-32.

LRG: What song can get you in the mood?Vanessa: “Brown Sugar” by D’Angelo for sure!

LRG: If you could change one thing about your personality, what would it be and why?Vanessa: I’m very competitive. I can be competitive about stupid things.