Nicole “Coco” Austin has been marked as one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood. With her curvaceous figure, as well as her outstanding personality, Coco has won the love of many men as well as women across the nation.

Coco has millions of fans who log onto her site constantly to learn about her fabulous life. When a fan enters they have the opportunity to have access to her daily activities, a peek into her recent photo shoots, as well as her downtime that she spends with her husband, rapper/actor Ice-T, as well as her family. She also reveals her personal life by displaying home movies that she has created specifically for her online viewers.

“I want my fans to know everything about me,” Coco quips. “I don’t want any secrets. With this site, I’m able to let my fans know the real me, and not some kind of celebrity that they see on television. I’m a real person behind all of the glitz and glamour. I want to take them on a ride that they will truly never forget.”

With the ongoing success of her website, Coco is also planning on designing a line of jeans called Coco Jeans. These jeans cater to those women who are blessed with having booty along with a slim and sexy waist. “I decided to make these jeans for curvy women,” explains Coco. “They stretch and are more tightly fitted than most name brand jeans out there. They are for the women who love the sexy fit, because there’s nothing about these jeans that say conservative.” Another project that she’s working on is her own line of tanning lotion, since she loves to tan and has been tanning for years. “I have to keep the tan look going because it goes along with the blond hair.”

Although Coco’s well known in the industry as being the wife of Ice-T, she’s also famous amongst Hollywood for her amazing body. Even though it looks as though Coco works out religiously in the gym and it seems as though she watches her diet constantly, Coco admits to the world that she does not diet. She eats whatever she wants; however, she eats small portions throughout the day. “The key is to eat a little bit throughout the day,” she says. “By eating throughout the day, it keeps the metabolism going, causing you to lose weight.”

Coco has dealt with many critics questioning her star appearance by asking her how much of this imagine is truly the real Nicole Austin. “My hair is naturally brunette,” she admits. “Yes, my breasts have been enhanced since I was 18. I wanted breasts that fit my shape.” Last but not least, Coco tells all that her booty is all natural. “I’ve always had a big butt ever since I was young. But now I guess that’s in style now. By the way, if I had butt implants, that would hurt when I sit down, wouldn’t you think?”

Coco is definitely causing a lot of mayhem in Hollywood which has led her into the limelight. She presents to the world that it’s beautiful to be curvy and to not be ashamed of what you have. Coco ended her interview by giving a warm shout-out to all of her fans and support her in all that she does.