Sheena Lee was born in Dallas, Texas, and is of Filipino, Chinese and German descent. The 5’5″ knock-out grew up in the Dallas suburbs and graduated from high school when she was just 17. She graduated from college at the age of 19 with an Associate of Applied Arts degree, majoring in graphic design.

While she was in college, Sheena modeled in fashion shows at her school. She made her first contact and did a fashion show in Austin, Texas, as well as some promotional work in Dallas, but drifted away from modeling when she had to get a place of her own and needed to concentrate on paying the bills.

Sheena got a job at Hooters, did graphic design, and helped her dad with his business. A year later, she met a photographer who helped her get started with some pictures for a portfolio. From there, she posted some pictures on the Web, started to meet more photographers and eventually acquired a manager and more jobs.

Sheena’s favorite type of shoes are stilettos and she will never date anyone who smokes (a good heads up for you guys trying to hook up with this single chica). Sheena’s still modeling and is also a travel agent. Even though she makes decent money as a travel agent she really wants to concentrate on furthering her modeling career. She also maintains her own Website at

Her career in front of the camera lens has so far paid off with some memorable moments. In addition to working with Lowrider Magazine, Sheena has been a member of the Hot Import Nights Bikini Squad and was once Playboy’s “cybergirl of the week.” Oh, and guys, watch out, Sheena lists kickboxing among her skills, but even a stiletto heel to the head won’t keep the guys away.