All women love to have a little bit of “girl talk” amongst each other once in a while. The conversations can range from, “Girlllll, do you have any lipstick that I can borrow?” to “Girlllll, do you think my butt looks big?” With that being said, we decided to ask model Sarah Cardenas a few question that are commonly asked amongst women. Check out what she had to say. Also be sure to visit for more on Sarah.

LRG: What are some qualities that you look for in a guy?Sarah: Family values, well-educated, sense of humor, and good looks.

LRG: Describe your ideal boyfriend, and then describe your ideal “boy toy.”Sarah: Ideal boyfriend: loving, smart, funny and constantly telling me how much he loves me. Ideal boy toy: likes to hang out and never becomes needy.

LRG: Are you single or currently in a relationship?Sarah: Happily in a relationship.

LRG: What turns you on about a man? Could it be his eyes, smell, touch, body, etc.?Sarah: Well spoken, driven, and his touch.

LRG: What can a guy say or do to get you in the mood?Sarah: “Do you want to get some Coldstone?”

LRG: What do you consider to be a turn-off?Sarah: When someone thinks they’re too cool for school.

LRG: When you first see a guy, what’s the first thing that you look for?Sarah: Tattoos.

LRG: What’s more important, size or the way that he can work it?Sarah: I don’t really like when the size of a man’s feet are too big; it makes him look like Ronald McDonald. But if he can work a pair of cool shoes, it’s okay then.

LRG: Do you have any fantasies? And if so, have they been fulfilled?Sarah: When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a princess, but since I was not born into a royal family and don’t live in England, my fantasy has not been fulfilled.

LRG: Name one thing that you would like to do but are scared to because you’re afraid of what others may think of you.Sarah: Quit school and become a rock star.