Elektra Knight was born in Oahu, Hawaii, where she lived for the majority of her childhood. When she became a teenager, she had the opportunity to pack up and move to California with her parents. Her dreams of becoming a pro surfer soon changed once she developed a love for modeling and being in the limelight.

At a very early age, Elektra learned about fitness and how to keep her body looking good at all times. When she found the perfect agent, she decided to combine her love of fitness with modeling. This combination allowed her to become one of the most famous as well as downloaded fitness models in the world.

Along with that, Elektra is a certified aerobics instructor and personal trainer. She loves animals, especially horses. Every year, she raises money to help save wild mustangs and retired racehorses from being slaughtered. She also enjoys practicing martial arts.

Elektra is said to be extremely privileged, due to the fact that she broke into the fashion industry as a petite model. What can we say? Elektra definitely has what it takes to be a Lowrider girl. She’s beautiful, smart and has a wonderful personality. To read more about Elektra you can check out her website at www.elektraknight.com.

LRG: What are some qualities that you look for in a guy?Elektra: Manners, muscles, self-confidence.

LRG: Describe your ideal boyfriend, and then describe your ideal “boy toy.”Elektra: Not a mama’s boy, but not a cocky jerk either. Again, someone with manners, muscles and self-confidence. That would also be my boy toy.

LRG: Are you single or currently in a relationship?Elektra: At this time, I’m single.

LRG: What turns you on about a man? Could it be his eyes, smell, touch, body, etc.?Elektra: I would say his body and he also has to be well groomed.

LRG: What can a guy say or do to get you in the mood?Elektra: Nothing really. Sometimes it’s better if they don’t say anything at all. If I’m in the mood he better be ready.

LRG: What do you consider to be a turn-off?Elektra: A guy who tries to act like Tony from The Sopranos.

LRG: When you first see a guy, what’s the first thing that you look for?Elektra: Cleanliness and nicely pressed clothes.

LRG: What’s more important, size or the way that he can work it?Elektra: The size, no matter how you work it. You can’t compare it.

LRG: Do you have any fantasies? And if so, have they been fulfilled?Elektra: Way too many to list, but most of them have been fulfilled.

LRG: Name one thing that you would like to do, but are scared to do it because you’re afraid of what others may think of you.Elektra: There’s actually nothing that I’m afraid to do because of others. I can’t please the whole world so I please myself and do what I want.