We here at Lowrider Girls love when women have the ability to “keep it real.” When we say keep it real, we mean laying it all out on the table, and leaving no room for confusion. Check out what Calie had to say when we asked her to keep it real for Lowrider Girls Magazine.

LRG: Do you like a guy who’s sweet and innocent or do you prefer a guy who has a little bit of a swagger or a little bit of “thug appeal”?Calie: Thugs don’t attract me; they make me run away. I like a boy who has some innocence and a romantic side, but at the same time can be adventurous.

LRG: What irritates you? What’s something that you just cannot tolerate?Calie: People who can’t drive, but then again, don’t we all. Other than that, I can’t stand fakeness. Just be you. If you don’t like someone, then don’t like them!

LRG: Give us three words that describe yourself.Calie: Goofy, sportsy (yeah, but it’s a word for me) and loyal.

LRG: What’s the best pick-up line that you’ve ever heard?Calie: Hmmm… anything that makes me laugh I love.

LRG: What’s the worst pick-up line that you’ve ever heard?Calie: Damn, baby, you got ass!

LRG: How does a man get your attention?Calie: Smiling at me works wonders. A smile can go a long way.

LRG: Do you like a guy with tattoos and/or piercings?Calie: I prefer more of a clean-cut kind of person; someone I can take home to the family.

LRG: Name one thing that people would be surprised to know about you?Calie: I’m obsessed with football, and obsessed would be an understatement! My dad raised me on it and it has become my life, pretty much. I’m a huge Texas Aggie and Dallas Cowboy fan! I have my jerseys all hanging up.

LRG: If you could change three things about your body, what would they be and why?Calie: To be honest, I wouldn’t change anything. God blessed me and made me this way for a reason. I shouldn’t want to change anything. But less freckles would be nice. I have my own camo!

LRG: What do you fear?Calie: I hate having to say this word, but spiders… blah! I have the worst phobia and will freak out if I see one. Thank goodness my boyfriend isn’t afraid of them!

LRG: How do you think models are perceived in the entertainment industry?Calie: Everyone has this assumption that modeling is a piece of cake. Umm, hell no! I don’t know how many times I have been sooo sore from posing for shoots. It kills your back and legs. People also think of models as all looks and no brains. That’s a huge stereotype. There’s a percentage that is and a percentage that isn’t just like in every workplace. I just wanted to thank everyone at Lowrider for wanting me in their magazine!