Lowrider Girls wants to give you the opportunity to know our models. There’s a lot more to these divas than just a pretty face. Here we talk to Angie.

LRG: Do you like a guy who’s sweet and innocent or do you prefer a guy who has a little bit of a swagger or a little bit of “thug appeal”?Angie: Definitely thug appeal. I’m not talking DMX thug, but a mix between the two would be preferable.

LRG: What’s your sign?Angie: Virgo the “virgin.”

LRG: What do you like wearing to bed?Angie: Chonies and a wife-beater; keep it comfy.

LRG: What type of underwear do like for a man to wear?Angie: Boxer briefs.

LRG: What’s your favorite part of your body?Angie: My ass.

LRG: Where was the craziest place that you ever had sex?Angie: In the front seat of a car on a crowded street.

LRG: How can a guy know that you’re interested?Angie: Eye contact. If I’m not lookin’, I’m not interested.

LRG: What irritates you? What’s something that you just cannot tolerate?Angie: People who brag, lie and put down others to feel better about themselves.

LRG: Have you ever had bad sex and lied and said that it was good?Angie: I can’t stand liars. No!

LRG: Name one thing that people would be surprised to know about you?Angie: I looooove infomercials and I’m proud of it!

LRG: If you could change three things about your body, what would they be and why?Angie: One, longer legs; 5’4′ isn’t cutting it for me. Two, cuter toes; I mean they’re cute, but I wouldn’t mind some improvements. Three, I seriously consider implants on the regular.

LRG: How do you think models are perceived in the entertainment industry?Angie: Models are perceived whichever way rappers intend them to be perceived. They hold the key to that standard. It’s our job to change that.