Showing up precisely on time for a midday lunch (on Friday) in Hollywood is a skill that most of us have yet to master, but I seemed to have gotten it down pat. But a lunch meeting takes two so rather than worry about myself, already learned that it.s the other party that you have to worry about. This time I was wrong.

She.s already waiting in the middle of the lobby of Hollywood hotspot Memphis, and as I.m greeted with a smile and a nod from Sparkle (yes, that.s her real name), I can.t help but notice the flock of women who seem to be salivating over her Bottega Veneta stunna shades and Fendi purse.

As I get closer in, she greets me with a handshake and this is where it gets really interesting. The handshake seemed to have signified that she was nothing more than a “friend” and this must have offered hope to one patron as he asked me later on in the restroom if I could introduce him to my “friend.” And, of course, I had to tell him to kick rocks.

It was already a very interesting start, but it was about to get better as I had a chance to sit down and see what she was all about. Will this be another case of the diva who.s here to collect her respect? Or would I be proven wrong?

Is Sparkle your real name?My father was a huge Cameo fan and if a true old schooler or someone who has been in love, then hopefully you have heard the song called “Sparkle.” It.s still beautiful to this day and makes me feel special every time I hear it. So he named me after that song.

Okay, that wasn.t what I was expecting to hear but it.s very interesting. So what keeps you busy?I work at a law firm as an executive assistant negotiator and I model. I also spend a lot of my time tutoring a few neighborhood kids at an after-school program that been involved with for a few years now.

Awwww, looks, brains and a heart of gold. Is their a special someone who gets to enjoy all of these “assets,” if you will?Yes, I have a wonderful boyfriend whom been with for a year. Every day, I feel like the luckiest woman ever! We both agree that were blessed to have each other.

Okay. It was nice to meet you. I have to go now.Huh? [looking confused]

I was just kidding. So tell us more about your interests as well what qualities you like to see in that special someone?Well, the person has to have a great sense of humor and they have to be witty and be willing to put up with my goofy side. The person also has to treat his mother with respect.

Pardon me. I.m so sorry. Can you hold for just one second? My mom is calling and I.d really like to pick up her call to say hi.Awwww… sure! No problem! No problem at all!

I was just kidding. Sorry, I forgot that you have a a dick [laughing hysterically]. Okay, like I was saying, that special someone has to be confident and be able to stand on his own two feet.

What are a few of the perks of being a model?Getting my hair and makeup done, the clothes, the shoes, the people. Being pampered for the time being. Who wouldn.t love that?

Speaking of being pampered, are you one of those girls who comes with a long list of demands like these divas that we all hate, or are you a down-home keep it simple kinda girl?I.m a homebody! I love to just chill and relax, spend time with my family and friends. But I do have a few demands here and there I would have to say.

Good to hear. What qualities do you think you possess that will help you get ahead in this dog eat dog game?Honesty, integrity, dedication and drive. My personality too.

Who has influenced you over the years?My Grandmother. She.s the smartest person I know. She always has the best advice for me. She always told me to follow my dreams never give up and that.s what I.m doing now.

Any shout-outs?I.d like to thank anyone who has ever given me an opportunity and above all else think peace!