Ahhhhhhhh, stop and take a moment to take in the beauty that is Lana Lopez. Lana was referred to us by one of our freelancers, and after the first test photo shoot (of which some of these shots were taken) we just had to get her back in the studio again, if for no other reason than to be in the presence of the sexy vibe that she exudes. (Hey, there are perks to this job that we very much appreciate and this would be one of them.)

Lana is a Southern California resident of Mexican/Thai/Irish descent. At 5’1″ and with measurements of 34c-24-34, Lana is certainly a complete package. She can occasionally be found on the weekends dancing at any of Hollywood’s hottest clubs, but her real passion is business. As you read this, she’s starting a promotion company that specializes in night clubs and special events.

Hard work is nothing foreign to Lana and by witnessing her work ethic in the studio we’d have to agree. We took a moment to talk to Lana during the photo shoot to get to know her a little better.

So how are you enjoying your photo shoot so far?It’s hard work but I’m having lots of fun. I’d be home writing or painting if I wasn’t here.

So you’re a creative type, too. Good to know. What type of guys are you attracted to, nice guys or bad boys?Actually, I’m into smart guys who have a business or creative side to them. Nerdy guys aren’t a turn on to me. One of my last boyfriends was actually a photographer.

That works for me! Have you ever thought about dating another one? I just happen to be single.I currently have a boyfriend who I’m happy with… good try though.

Make sure to keep my number handy just in case. Okay, moving right along here, how about your favorite car? Porsche? Ferrari?Nope, Honda Fit. I’m not really into all the bling bling and expensive trappings that most woman are into. I like making my own money and investing it wisely so that I can take care of myself. There’s nothing like the feeling of making and having your own money.

Now that’s my kinda girl for sure; definitely keep my number. Any parting words?You’re crazy. I’d like to thank everyone who appreciates what I do both modeling and in business, and you can visit my site www.lanalopez.com or www.myspace.com/lanalopez.