Aaryn Alonzo is a familiar face to Lowrider readers, having appeared in numerous issues including covers. Today, Aaryn is the co-founder, along with John Parker II, of Almost Famous Talent Firm, a specialized firm that focuses on all facets of talent in different ethnic backgrounds. Almost Famous is not just a talent agency, but also a management company that directs each talented member of the company in the path which will best fit their career.

Even though this company is newly formed, it has already established national contracts with Maxim Magazine and most recently Budweiser. Being in the business for 10-plus years, Aaryn understands the hard work and hazards that come along with the business. Thus, she offers her agency as a tool to up-and-coming talent.

Aaryn started this company after realizing that the big agencies did not have enough ethnic talent to meet the high demand, and being ethnic herself, she decided to assist other ethnic models in getting legit modeling jobs. “When I was first starting, I had no idea where to begin,” admits Aaryn. “So now, I want to help young talent fulfill their dreams!”

Although Aaryn continues to model, her focus is on guiding new talent with her experience and professionalism. She continues to live her life with her long-held belief that “With God as your center, all things are possible.” Here are but three of the many models represented by Aaryn. For more information on Aaryn and her talent firm, you can visit www.almostfamoustalent.com.