This is the sweetest issue of Lowrider Girls yet! We had the chance to incorporate hot girls along with a very tasty treat. We can’t imagine what could be better than that! This eye candy is definitely more mouth watering than ever.

In this September issue, we feature cover girl Angelica Carrera. This sexy exotic blend of Mexican, Puerto Rican and Hawaiian has what it takes to make any man or woman’s mouth water for more. With her sexy body and flirtatious attitude, Angelica has the ability to be anyone’s after dinner dessert.

After teasing your eyes with this sexy seductress, we then let you sit back, relax and choose which piece of candy best fits your flavor. Do you like to taste the “rainbow”? Well, Delicia and Jaye Santi will give your taste buds as well as your imagination a guilty pleasure that no one can deny.

I hope that you’re ready because this issue is dripping with all of the temptation that you can ever desire. But wait, don’t forget to take a look at the helpful information that we love to provide to our readers about sex and how to satisfy your lady in every way. Please don’t pass up a little bit of foreplay action before you indulge in the main course.

So start licking those fingers, fellas, and get ready for a tasty treat of the many different flavors of Lowrider Girls.Enjoy,
Tanisha A. Brown