Miss Issa – A New Urban Sensation

This sexy and seductive vocal stylist has the potential to make all of her fantasies as well as those of her listeners, come true

Hitting the charts hard with her debut sing “Stay Up” featuring Fat Joe, Miss Issa is definitely taking the airways by storm. With her sexy style and her catchy beats, Miss Issa has the potential to make all of her fantasy’s come true. Born to a Filipino father and a Mexican mother in San Diego California, Miss Issa experienced many obstacles throughout her life. As the youngest of five, Issa has always dreamed of becoming a singer like her mother. “I grew up listening to Motown”, says Issa. “While listening to these Motown records, I begin to develop my style, mixing it up with a Latin twist”, she says. Miss Issa developed her love for music by growing up in a harmonious atmosphere. She was constantly surrounded by the beats of rhythm and blues, based upon the fact that her mother was a singer as well. “When I was young I would spend countless hours watching BET and MTV, wishing that I can someday display my talent”, explains Issa. “Through my hard work and determination, I can say that I achieve a piece of my goal”.Although Miss Issa had a chance to possibly join the chart topping group TLC on their show “R U That Girl” Issa suddenly had a change of heart. After she was chosen as a finalist to appear on the show, she refused to sign the contract that was sent to her. By receiving a finalist position, it proved to her that she has can pursue a solo career of her own. . She was introduced to Kairi Bown, who recognized the potential she had and quickly signed her to Sound on Sound Entertainment.

Getting Close and Personal With Miss Issa

LRM: Miss Issa, what are you trying to bring to the music industry that no other female artist has ever delivered before?

Miss Issa: I just want to represent me. I’m different…you know. Im unique in my own way and present Issa, which I think is different within itself.

LRM: If you can do a duet with any artists, who would it be and why?

Miss Issa: I would love to do a duet with either Usher or Ne-Yo. I love their music and they are so talented. I would want to do a new rendition of “Secret Lover”. That’s baby making music (laughing).

LRM: What do you consider to be the hardest apart about being in the industry?

Miss Issa: To me the hardest part is being a female in this business… you know, not being able to be taken seriously.

LRM: I feel you … well aside from that, if you were able to change 1 thing about the industry what would it be?

Miss Issa: The development of an artist… I mean it takes forever for to get out there. It takes a long time for an artist to gain exposure.

LRM: Okay Miss Issa… now lets get to the good stuff… describe to me your ideal man, and keep it real…?

Miss Issa: (Laughing)…I need a guy that is cool, who is down for me. I mean besides all that he has to be good looking. Actually do you know who is fine… Antonio Sabato Jr. and Taye Diggs. Those two men are fine and by watching it them, it seems as though they have cool personalities as well.

LRM: Would you ever date a guy in the industry?

Miss Issa: Well…I don’t know. In the industry it seems as though everyone is so busy and we wouldn’t have time to hang out together. So I would say no. I would rather date a guy that isn’t in the industry.

LRM: Do you have a lot of time to hang with friends and family?

Miss Issa: I make time to hang out with friends and family. They keep me grounded as well as focused.

LRM: How was it working with Fat Joe?

Miss Issa: He was real cool. He was so laid back. He laughed every now and than. LRM: If you did not have the desire to sing, where do you think you would be?

Miss Issa: I would probably be a loan officer, because that’s what I was doing in order to pay bills (laughing). Or eventually real estate.