Ah yes, golden California. The north and south parts of the state both roll out their fair share of lowriders and the female bombshells who adorn every part of a car’s chrome and paint. Recently, Lowrider took a photographic cruise through the less populous reaches of the Golden State looking for what’s always on our primitive minds–hot cars and sexy ladies. It looks like we struck gold!So who’s your favorite lowrider lovely? Tantalizing Tomasa, sultry Soli or the very erotic Crystal? Whoever it is, they’re three charming girls in every way, so wipe off the cheese-puff powder and concentrate on your favorite girl. If these beautiful babes don’t get your heart racing above 10,000 rpms, nothing can.


A woman shrouded in mystery, Tomasa recalls early in her fondest childhood memories of being raised in the ‘hood, “where everybody had a lowrider. My dad was in Brown Society Car Club.” Yeah, Lowrider captured her first. Spotted at a car show in San Jose, California, Tomasa was shy but has since matured and grown into the glamorous girl whose accustomed to the spotlight of the camera. Finding her image and style was a tough one for Tomasa, but now it’s all in a day’s work for this truly intelligent woman who’s currently revamping her website, www.sexytomasa.com.


Serving up beers behind a bar is just a part-time gig for this glamour girl from Woodland, California. Soli loves the camera and comes to us from excited referrals, telling us that she’s the hottest honey in the northern hemisphere. Are you on the worldwide web, Soli, maybe myspace.com? “I’m so old fashioned,” is her response. Soli’s also a Sagittarius and is known for being bossy while admitting that she wouldn’t hurt a fly.Considered a hot and hip Latina, Soli’s heritage goes back to Panama and she has a love for food which brings to mind “arroz con guando.” Her all-time favorite? Coconut milk straight from the coconut. Maybe we’ll be seeing her in a coconut shell bikini next time around. Barely taking modeling seriously about a year ago, Soli’s friends goaded her into posing for the Lowrider lens on a whim. You won’t find her on the web at the moment, but be on the look-out when you’re thirsty because something’s brewin’ behind the bar and Soli won’t spill a drop.


Will this newcomer start your engine? That nodding dog on your dashboard says yes, she will. Go ahead, test Crystal’s knowledge, and see if she’s a smart cookie. This cutie from Montclair, California, brakes for trivia game shows and stuffs the remote somewhere warm. Not only will you like her, you’ll love the way that she hugs a car. And fellas, Crystal may be nice and kind, and she’ll toss down a drink now and then, but don’t let that bubbly appearance fool you, she can be a bad little girl when she wants to.Crystal loves the couch but not the potatoes. This perfect body girl loves exercise, music, cooking and many varieties of eroticism. In fact, she’s in the process of writing an erotic-themed cookbook with deliciously naughty photos of herself. Got some time on your hands? Check out Crystal at www.modelmayhem.com (model #122184) and stay tuned for more fine Crystal. She’ll take you for the ride of your life!