Web exclusive update! See outtakes and sexy photos of Nikki and find out if she’s really single and ready to mingle…

Ms. Zeno plans to continue modeling as long as she can. She is now hosting a variety of television shows and has begun appearing in TV commercials as well. She also would like to get into fitness modeling and competitions; not a bad idea for someone as healthy as Nikki who does not drink, smoke or do drugs. Believe it or not, singing is also something that you may see Nikki doing in the near future!

No matter what the future holds, she says that she owes big thanks to Lowrider Magazine for helping to start her successful career and her fans who have supported her and voted for her at all of the automotive shows and modeling competitions.

Okay, guys, the main thing that you want to know is if Nikki’s single, right? Well, she says that she is now wearing (literally) the key to her heart on her necklace. She’s looking for a guy who will earn it. Any candidates?