Born in the San Francisco Bay Area, Staci Flood was definitely around the lowriding lifestyle early in her life. Growing up, she spent most of her time in the birthplace of Lowrider Magazine: San Jose, California. She would attend the lowrider car shows at the county fairgrounds and she loved the rides! Staci is also very political and has taken part in the ongoing movement with the Migrant Farm Workers Union. This Portuguese-American speaks English, Portuguese and a little Spanish.

After moving to Southern California, Staci began her pursuit in a career of dancing and modeling. Staci has appeared in many music videos and has danced alongside artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, Beyonce Knowles, No Doubt, O-Town and Marilyn Manson. She says that she has been involved with singing “forever” and has even been in and out of singing groups for many years. In the last couple of years, she was a part of the famous Pussycat Dolls (with Carmen Electra), singing and dancing across the country.

Staci was also the leading lady in the Justin Timberlake video for “Rock Your Body,” and was the leading hottie in the popular video for “Bailamos” by Enrique Iglesias. She has also been seen on TV, for instance, as a dancer on the hit show Friends. Commercials, too! Mervyn’s, Joe Boxer, Miller Genuine Draft and Lady Foot Locker are just a few of the commercials in which she has made appearances. In print, Staci was on the cover of Interview and Maxim (December 2002).

Now, she’s in the works with releasing her first solo project, a full-length CD, which she says is very exciting. With the big-time names that she has worked with, and her stunning good looks, there is not doubt that success and (more) fame is in Staci’s destiny. Make sure that you keep up with Staci at her official Website: