When surfing the Web, type in the name “Vanessa Kay” and you will probably find out that she’s one of the hottest girls out there as more than a few pages pop up!

That’s no surprise to us as the voluptuous Vanessa has been one of Lowrider Magazine’s favorites ever since her debut on the cover of the June ’02 issue. That cover shoot was lined up after we discovered her at the 2001 SEMA show. She has since made an encore cover appearance on the April ’03 issue.

As for what she thinks of lowriders, Vanessa told us, “I love them and think that they are cool. especially the old bombs. Growing up around boys, I’ve always enjoyed the cars and toys. I’ve looked in several places and have finally found a crowd that can keep up with me. If you think that you can keep up with me make sure to drop me an email at my website www.vanessakay.com or at the Lowrider website.”