This isn’t an article about top gear for creatives. Instead, it’s about the show Top Gear giving way to create new ideas that might be far out of reach, but nonetheless fun. During my latest binge-watching session, I watched an episode of Top gear where they attached a camper to a hot air balloon. And while I won’t be looking to make one myself, it does give me some pretty wacky ideas that I would like to implement. Like what if we candy painted a trailer? Or what if some billionaire hired all the best airbrushers and pinstripe artists to candy out a private jet?

They’re way out concepts, which we’ll probably never see it come to life, but it’s always nice to dream. In the same episode, they also featured a Land Rover that’s equipped with a custom winch that was designed to scale a dam that’s 1,200 ft wide and 200 ft high.

It’s no feat for the faint of heart, but the Top Gear crew pulled it off, and the videography of this episode was spot on dramatic and intense.

While the concept for this episode was merely for entertainment purposes, it’s good content that gets ideas flowing. It’s also a great way to kill some time so keep the ideas flowing, find inspiration wherever you go, and if you want to check out Top Gear, you can do so by clicking here.