Shop: Cadillac Connect
Owner: Mike “Cadillac Mike” Lopez
Car Club: Lifestyle
City/State: Orange, CA

cadillac connection mike lopez

For Mr. Mike Lopez lowrider culture was infused into his soul at birth. His dad, who’s a member of the Imperials Car Club, introduced him to the lifestyle and at a young age his father taught him about what it took to become a lowrider. Together, the two built a bond that went beyond the typical father-son relationship. They took their passion to the next level and together they created one of the most iconic lowrider bikes, named “Casino Dreaming,” a build that would become so legendary that it was crowned Lowrider Bike of the Year for four years.

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Mike eventually grew out of the lowrider bike scene, and on his 21st birthday he purchased his first Cadillac, a 1994 Fleetwood big-body. “Back then only the big dogs owned a Caddy,” Mike says. But as he began turning his newly purchased car into a lowrider, he soon realized that both aftermarket and N.O.S. parts for these vehicles were scarce. “As I began finding parts and buying them, it slowly became an addiction,” Mike says. “Most of these parts are discontinued, they’ll never make them again,” he continues. So as he outgrew each storage facility, his popularity for finding rare parts grew as well. Word of mouth spread and with a little help from social media and the once-popular “Lay It Low,” he found himself helping some of those same big dogs he looked up to as a child. Among some of the legendary people and clubs he would rub shoulders with would include Gangster from Majestics, the legendary Kita of USO, and he’s dealt with numerous car clubs, including Groupe and Lifestyle, just to name a few.

For Mike, an obsession has blossomed into a career transforming him into the go-to shop for anything Cadillac related. Cadillac Connect stocks everything from steering wheel columns, dashboards, continental kits, and everything in between. “Since some of these parts are no longer made we have to make them ourselves,” Mike says, referring to his handcrafted aluminum spears that were originally made out of plastic. With over 22 cars in stock, they have a vast collection of N.O.S. parts and carry everything for your two-door conversion.

cadillac connection 1996 blue cadillac fleetwood

“The lowrider community is a small, tight-knit one,” Mike says. “So I have to make sure my customers are happy. I am a Lowrider just like all of them, so I’m more than willing to share my knowledge with any of them.”

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