Shop: Action Designz
Owner: Andy Ortega
City/State: Baldwin Park, CA

The art of transferring an image from one object to another is nothing new. To be honest, people have been “printing” images and patterns for centuries and the general principles of the art remain relatively the same.

Fast-forward to present day and the technological advances have allowed print wizards to create an array of multicolored images with lifelike accuracy at record speeds. But the technology is nothing without a brilliant mind behind it. That said, Action Designz is a great example of a business that has taken advantage of that technology.

For over 17 years they have been providing their printing/graphic services to the general public and their business has grown exponentially. Located in a multi-unit warehouse, owner Andy Ortega came from very humble beginnings. With just one workstation and one six-color machine occupying his garage, his business has grown beyond even his own expectations. “One client led to two and then three. Soon we were servicing all the local youth organizations,” Andy says about his start in the game. He adds: “Soon parents were coming to us as well, and that led to working with even more clients, which included the lowrider community.” From T-shirts to banners, there’s a good chance you’ve spotted his work at a local car show. As purveyors of custom shirts and apparel, they continue with pride and are honored to make gear for clubs such as Amigos, Reality, Lifestyle, and Techniques.

These days, their reputation and client roster has allowed them to work with bigwigs like Bud Light, UCLA, Clippers, Dodgers, and Marvel, but along the way they have never forgotten their roots and humble beginnings out of a garage. “The only difference now is we can do it all,” Andy says. “From 12 to 15,000 pieces,” he continues, “we still treat each client as if it was our first.” It’s this old-fashioned way of doing things that has contributed to their success-things like knowing a client by their first name and making the customer’s interest a priority is what sets them apart from the competition. From screen-printing, full color, simulated process, banners, and graphic design, Andy and his crew at Action Designz always come through.