Influence and cultural advancement is what Roll Models is all about. As you’ve probably already noticed, these video segments were created to entertain, educate, and showcase the hidden talents behind the glitz and glamor of lowriding.

That said, our next guest is an influencer who was recently bestowed the “Citizen of the Year” award by the San Diego City Council. His continued efforts to improve his community have made him a notable figure, and he’s also become the voice for not only San Diego, but the lowriding community.

As an avid lowrider, he’s a stand up guy who spearheaded his own car shows, which help raise funds for charitable causes. From toy drives to school supplies, his donations have helped hundreds, and just last year alone he raised tens of thousands of dollars for the Emilio Nares Foundation, which provides free medical transportation for children fighting cancer and other diseases.

No stranger to the pages of lowriding, many of you probably already know who he is, but if not, be sure to tune in to our next episode, which is up available on our YouTube channel now. We’re honored to have taken time from his busy schedule, and we’re excited to share with you yet another great story of how hard work, ambition, and a good heart has led this man to a path of greatness.