Growing up poor will lead you to one of two things: A life of complacency and acceptance, or a life of filled with dreams and determination. Unfortunately for most, their dreams remain nothing more than just that.

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Dreaming gives us a chance to escape the realities of life. Whether you’re searching for inner peace or material goods, dreaming does much to soothe the soul, but it’s what you do once when you wake up that counts. The bottom line is we all have to wake up from those dreams in order to put in the work to achieve our goals. While most people focus on the material goods and luxuries that the lifestyle affords, many are blind to the countless amount of hours-if not years-of pain, suffering, worrying, and failures that comes as a result of trying and trying again.

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It’s been said that success is the result of a series of failures and we couldn’t agree more. It’s that resilience to failure, that drive to achieve and the willingness to endure short-term pain that results in a successful business-to which Cesar Lozano is the quintessential example.

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You see, Mr. Lozano is living the American Dream. Not only did he get his own slice of the pie, he’s also got a collection of Impalas that make his deal even sweeter. Growing up, Mr. Lozano was always fond of toys and baseball cards, but a lack of money left him hustling the streets just to save up enough money to get into it. With a small arsenal of loose change and a few dollar bills he began collecting baseball cards, action figures, and die-cast cars, and with that small collection in hand, Cesar hit local swap meets looking to flip and reinvest his inventory. In turn that would soon became his informal education, and decades later he would take those acquired skills and turn it into a self-made empire.

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Fast-forward to present day, and Cesar’s fascination with toys hasn’t stopped; if anything it’s grown. Aside from a stellar collection of lowriders, Cesar is a budding entrepreneur who has his hands in a few pots, so join us on this journey as we find out how he became recognized as one of the biggest toy distributors on the West Coast.

You can watch it all on the next episode of Roll Models. Till next time, keep your batteries charged, your chrome clean, and your dreams alive.