Since its introduction, Roll Models, presented by Quaker State Oil & Shell Lubricants, has always focused more on the owner than it has the car. The reason for that change of dialogue is to highlight the raw talent, passion, and personalities behind the cars we love, and this upcoming episode is no different.

roll models episode 10 og abel chevy impala

Enter: OG Abel. As the owner of a 1964 and 1960 Impala, you’d be hard pressed to even know that he ever owned any of them. A humble artisan who’s mastered his craft, his work has long been an inspiration to not only the youth market, but also some very notable companies—and at that he’s done collaborations with some of the biggest names in the game.

His style is distinct and his name resonates with everyone from the streets to corporate boardrooms, but what really makes him larger than life is not what he makes, or what he owns, but more so the struggle he has endured and triumphed over.

roll models episode 10 og abel impalas

You see OG Abel is the quintessential example of the American Dream. He started from the ground up and created an empire from the rubble he started with. So be sure to tune into the next episode because it will take you on a journey that proves once again that while you may not be able to change what you started with, you can definitely change how it ends.