This entrepreneur and motivational speaker will take you on the ride of your life. We talk custom rods, lowriders, life, and wrenching.

Growing up, our next featured guest used to read the pages of Custom Rodder magazine. Yes, you read that right. His affinity for hot rods and customs came at an early age but so did something else—the reality of life.

At the age of 17, Albert Gutierrez signed up for the Marines and his journey landed him into the position of Staff Sergeant. Trained to work on heavy equipment and machinery, his mechanical prowess became second nature, but before long his family grew, and after having a second child he decided to leave and serve his duty at home. To support his family he became a diesel mechanic and generator specialist, and he soon realized his potential not only as a top-shelf mechanic but as a business owner as well.

roll models episode 9 albert gutierrez car collection

Years later, Albert created not only a business for himself, but a future for his family—both immediate and extended. Now, when we talk about extended family, we’re talking a big one at that. He’s got a total of 25 other family members in his stable, and while they all vary in age, and color, all we can say is that they’re a bunch of old souls with plenty of tales to tell.

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