Radio Shack has come out with the “NEW” 1958 Chevrolet Impala RC folks! This ’58 is a 1/12-Scale car and has the moves you want and enjoy. The RC’s control box has four switches and does front, back, up and down on all fours even while driving. This ride is quick on the start and will slide to a stop. Packed with authentic Chevy features and accessories like full on chrome moldings, visor, wire wheels and continental kit tire ring and more. The car comes in a white over turquoise paint scheme and sports the Lowrider logo on the rear window and the Lowrider man on the continental kit.

What’s different about this RC Lowrider is the fact that RadioShack did do their homework and added what no other RC maker ever did. When you open the truck lid, there are two Pesco aircraft pumps with two Adex dumps and a full set of batteries for the real Old Schooler. If you think that that’s it, think again homies, go ahead and open the hood, check out the mold of the 283-c.i.d. V-8 engine topped with a chrome air filter.

For you creative guys, go out and get some paint and make your own decals and personalize it. If you’re in a club get the members to buy some, personalize them and have your own RC cruisin’ around your local park. So cruise into your nearest RadioShack and pick up the coolest Lowrider in the market today.

These RCs are available now at RadioShack and will be there through Christmas, so go and grab on. These aren’t imitations and are the real Lowrider Magazine-licensed products. For more information cruise to the nearest RadioShack, or finger-hop the web site at, pencil cruise a letter to RadioShack Corporation, Dept LRM, Fort Worth, TX 76102 or call them at (800) 843-7422. What ever you do just get one and roll with the best from the best at RadioShack.