Life is the greatest gift a mother can give, but add to the equation a 1963 Super Sport Impala and it takes a close second—just ask Scotty Gutierrez, he was granted both. Fifteen years from the date he was born, he celebrated in style, and that’s when his mother and grandparents gave him the gift of a lifetime: a 1963 Impala SS.

At the time of his birthday he was given a large, gift-wrapped box. Once he opened it, there was another box inside, and inside of that was yet another smaller box. As he went through box after box, the last box to remain was just a bit bigger than a box of Tic Tacs, and inside was a key to his dream car. Yes, he got the Impala of his dreams. When asked about his initial reaction to the gift, with a huge smile he exclaims, “I was so excited! I had always dreamed of cruising and being a lowrider and from that day on I was able to live my dream.”

Fast-forward yet another 15 years later and Scotty found himself married with kids living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Through his cousin Robert, he met Chuck Montoya and Ray Anaya of the Imperials Car Club. During a random conversation, Chuck told Scotty about a 1963 convertible in Taos. He told him going from a hardtop to a convertible would be a step up in the lowrider game but the only way Scotty would be able to afford the convertible would be by selling the hardtop that his mother gave him, a car he had owned for half his life. His mother and grandparents had since passed so he really had to think about it. “I had told myself that I would never sell it but then I thought about whether my mom would have given me her blessing and I think she would have.” Scotty placed his hardtop in the newspaper and it sold in a few hours after. He then immediately headed to Taos to pick up the convertible. Once they got the convertible back home they realized the car’s true condition and how it would need a full restoration. “I immediately regretted my decision but my mother didn’t raise a quitter so I had to see the rebuild through.” He talked to Chuck and agreed to let Scotty go through his Impala junkyard and pick whatever he needed to begin his project.

In all, it took 11 years of arduous work before Scotty was able to finish the vehicle. While there were plenty of times he wanted to quit the build, he always chose to push forward and here today is a fully optioned car that he knows his mother would be proud of.

1963 Chevrolet Impala Convertible

Vehicle Nickname
La Gloria

Scotty Ezekiel Gutierrez

Colorado Springs, CO

Imperials NM

Original 327

Axalta Platinum Beige

Black Cars1 interior kit

14-inchers with original hubcaps and Coker BFGoodriches