A Young Eva Longoria
Like omg! Erika medina really looks like a young eva longoria on page 55. She looks so amazing.
– Rebecca, Palos Verdes, Ca

Stepping Up Your Game
Damnnnn, dawg, you guys are really stepping up your game. It looks like a completely different magazine. The layouts are definitely making a difference. Whatever y’all are doing, keep doing it, bro.
– Mitch, San Dimas, Ca

We Get The Point
Okay, i mean, we know that lowrider girls consists of a fly woman with the lowlows, but we get the point! Does every shoot have to be in a damn car shop? I Know it’s not just ya boy complaining, but i’m so tired of seeing it. Thanks.
-James Via E-Mail

James, wow, tell us how you really feel. We’re working on it, james, we’re working on it!

Some Freaky Behavior
Man, dat sabrina is hot! I would love to get some freaky behavior going on between me and her! Is there anywhere else on the net that i can see her? Maybe naked? That would be the bizness right der. Don’t get me wrong, destiny is on point too, but something about that dark hair and those lips… Dat’s on fire. Keep it moving and thanks for taking it back to the real chicas.-Juan, Highland Park, Ca

Where Is Veronica Vixen?
Ummmmm… where is veronica vixen? Is there a way that we can meet her at any of these lowrider car shows? She sounds so sexy and confident. That’s the kind of woman that i need in my life.
– Robert Via E-Mail