We Like Mercedes TerellMercedes Terell is so damn fine it hurts. She’s the best-looking cover girl and, at that, the best ever featured in your magazine. Some girls look sleazy, some kinda trifle but Mercedes is definitely the type of girl that we’d want to take home to mama. She’s confidant, secure and definitely the issh.-Bill via the Internet

We couldn’t have said it better Bill and we hope you enjoy this next issue.

Mercedes has the cutest smile and, if I remember correctly, you shot her for a cover for Edge. I’m glad to see this time that she has a lot less clothes on.- Sammy from Pico

Sammy, you’re absolutely right. One of our photographers shot her sometime ago with a silver Mercedes-Benz for the cover of Edge Magazine and since then she’s gone on to do big things for herself. Thanks for picking up the magazine!

What About The Car?I really like the magazine but was wondering why you guys don’t put the make and model year of the car they pose by? I love lowriders and am new to it, but I’d like you to put a year and make with the body styles that I see in the magazine. Thanks guys!- Rico from N.C.

Rico, you’ve got a great point. If you want to learn more about lowriding then be sure to pick up Lowrider Magazine and we’ll do our best in the next issue to give you some details on the cars featured along with the models.

Smokin’ HotPam looks so smoking hot on that T&A page! That’s probably the best photo I’ve seen of her and I’m lovin’ the feel and how she’s leaning against the pole.-Richie via the Internet

Richie…had she not been touching that pole you’d probably be less enticed to say that but either way she’s definitely a hottie. We’ve known Pam for quite some time and we’re happy to say that she’s doing really well in her modeling career.

We Don’t CareUnderstated to Upgraded was a retarded article. Why would you want to highlight a model going from OK to a bit better? Hello? Is anyone there? This is a men’s magazine and not some teen magazine to show girls how makeup can change their lives. Show us the goods in their final form.-Tito from O.C.

Umm…relax there Tito. It was kinda retarded to show pictures of that model while her makeup was being applied but everyone makes mistakes and we’ll be sure to rub it in our editor’s face. Like any magazine, there’s a learning curve to take but we can tell you firsthand that Tanisha is learning. Right Tanisha? LOL.